DB Connect

An online networking platform of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco for mutual assistance.


“Salve Salvando Salvati” ("Hello… In saving others, you save yourself").

A project undertaken by the Bangalore Provincial Federation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco to unify Don Bosco Past Pupils across various schools, educational institutions and batches.


Glenville Brass

Bangalore Provincial Federation

Dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure to see the Bangalore Provincial Federation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco take the lead in initiating and implementing DB Connect under the leadership of Adv. Ranjith Xavier Attokaran and his team.

Started as a pilot project by Mannuthy Unit of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco, our project DB Connect has blossomed and bloomed into a bouquet of more than 1000 registrations from various Don Bosco institutions across the Bangalore Province and beyond in Phase One of the project.

The ultimate vision of this initiative is to build a relationship amongst the past pupils – a unique relationship that binds the members through their love for Don Bosco and gratitude for the education received in the Salesian institution. It also aims to create a support base of unmatched talent and experience in various fields which can be utilized through a process of consultation for those who may be in need of the same.

I look forward to many more Don Bosco past pupils utilizing the facility offered by this website by registering their names to the database and also offering their services for the good of fellow past pupils.


Rev. Fr. Varghese Edathichira SDB

Provincial Delegate,

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is exciting to see how DB Connect is taking shape under the aegis of the Bangalore Provincial Federation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco. It is indeed an innovative and ambitious project that can bring true meaning and purpose to the alumni organization. As I understand it, DB Connect is intended to act as a common platform for all the past pupils of Don Bosco irrespective batch, school or college to come together, interact and network with each other and to facilitate mutual assistance in times of need. St. John Bosco said, “Everything and everyone is won by the sweetness of our words and works...” DB Connect can really bond the past pupils as St. John Bosco intended it. I wish the whole team behind DB Connect and all those who partake in it, the charism and blessings of St. John Bosco.


M.L. Babu

Immediate Past President
Bangalore Provincial Federation

Dear Friends,

I am really excited to note that the website of DB Connect project has become functional. The interface of the website is quite intuitive and pleasing to eyes. The functionality provided by the e-Directory on the website efficient and useful to find past pupils from various Don Bosco institutions and reach out to them in times of need. The Bangalore Provincial Federation had been preparing for a grand celebration to commemorate the Sesquicentennial celebrations of our alumni movement when Covid19 made such celebration impossible. The situation made us to deliberate on alternative means to commemorate 150th year of our organisation. We had been cherishing the idea of creating a provincial directory for several years. Our dreams took its wings when Adv. Ranjith Xavier ideated and explained project DB Connect and extended his support, assistance and technical inputs to materialize it. The proposal to start the project was placed before the Provincial Council and subsequently to the Provincial Superior. The project finally took off on 15th October 2021. A committee of office bearers and delegates from various Units was constituted which held several deliberations both online and offline. Those efforts have culminated in the creation of this website. Data collection of past pupils was done online. The responses from both Kerala and Karnataka states were overwhelming. In a short span of time, more than thousand past pupils within the Province submitted their details. I urge all past pupils of Don Bosco educational institutions to submit their details to the website. I also urge all past pupils of Don Bosco to subscribe to the Alumni Connect Service, once it launches and get benefitted by it. May the ever-abiding grace of our founding father Don Bosco bless our project and let it reach greater heights fulfilling our motto, “Know, love, help one another and keep united”.


Dear Past Pupils of Don Bosco,

St. John Bosco was a great visionary. His vision for the welfare of youth and his undying quest and spirit to materialize it translated into various educational institutions we now see throughout the world. His mission is being carried out through the good work that is being done by the Salesians of Don Bosco. For generations, the Don Bosco educational institutions have been nurturing talents and shaping youths to achieve their potential through Don Bosco’s system of education. We, the Past Pupils of Don Bosco is the largest alumni organization in the world. Our past pupils are in every walks of life, all over the world. If we, can stand united, and help each other in times of need, we can achieve great things for ourselves, for our organization and for the society we live in. DB Connect is a project with that in mind and this website is the first step towards that prodigious goal.

I thank the Salesian community and each one of you for making this website a reality. At this juncture, I would like to especially thank Mr M.L. Babu, the immediate Past President of the Bangalore Provincial Federation for showing keen interest in the idea of DB Connect and deciding to undertake it as a project in commemoration of the Sesquicentennial Jubilee of our organisation. I also thank the immediate past Provincial Delegate Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Shasthamkala SDB for his loving support. I would like to thank the Provincial President, Mr Glenville Brass, the present Provincial Delegate Rev. Fr. Varghese Edathichira SDB and the members of the Provincial Executive Committee for their profound interest and support for the project. DB Connect is our project. Don Bosco said, “Salve Salvando Salvati” (Hello… In saving others, you save yourself). That is the soul of the project DB Connect. Together, we will strive to make it a reality, for the sake of each one of us and the benefit of our posterity.

Adv. Ranjith Xavier

Provincial Secretary & DB Connect Coordinator,
Bangalore Provincial Federation

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