DB Connect

e-Directory & Virtual Networking Platform For Don Bosco Alumni

About DB Connect

DB Connect is an innovative concept and an ambitious new venture that is being undertaken by the Bangalore Province. The project introduced by Mannuthy Unit in 2019 is now taken up by the Bangalore Province. What is intended is a virtual networking platform where all past pupils of Don Bosco educational institutions can come to know each other, socialize, offer and get assistance from each other, at their most needed hours in life. Don Bosco educational institutions have to its strength numerous past pupils from virtually all walks of life. Many are eminent in their respective fields. We envisage a platform where past pupils in need of help can seek assistance from other past pupils who can render such assistance.

About e-Directory

DB Connect Project is currently at Phase I. At this phase, we have equipped this website with an e-Directory of past pupils from various Don Bosco educational institutions across Kerala and Karnataka states (Bangalore Provincial Federation). The past pupils can search for details of other past pupils based on name and vocation. If you are a past pupil of any Don Bosco educational institution within Kerala or Karnataka states, you too can submit your details to the e-Directory at: http://bit.do/dbconnectbloreform

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About Alumni Connect

At Phase II of the DB Connect project, we intend to create a separate service viz. ALUMNI CONNECT. It would be a subscription/fee based service exclusively for those past pupils who would apply and register for it separately. Subscription to Alumni Connect Service would be distinct from the membership in the main alumni organization. Since the past pupils of different Don Bosco institutions or batches may not be acquainted to each other, the subscribers of Alumni Connect service would be given a facility to get introduced to other subscribers through Coordinators appointed at different levels, in their times of need. Meet-ups of subscribers and various other value added services are intended for those who subscribe to the Alumni Connect service. The service is yet to launch.

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